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26. April – 03. May 2008, A22 Galéria, HU_Budapest
26. April – 03. May 2008, SzimplaKert, HU_Budapest
26. April – 03. May 2008, Szimpla [Budapest Cafe], DE_Berlin
26. April – 03. May 2008, Glasgow School of Art, UK_Glasgow
28. April – 03. May 2008, A4 - Zero Space, SK_Bratislava
Intercity Teleport Creatures Call, Intercity Teleport Installations Call
PsyShip Visio
Multiplace telematic installation. Collaborating media artists and cultural producers are invited to design digital creatures with a set of behaviour patterns. Co-organisers are sought to set up installations with screen and interface in multiple localities or events. The telematic space is then populated by the creations. Participants can teleport creatures between geographical locations which interact based on their individual algorythms. Result is a reactive system of zoospheres composed of immigrant individualities.


27. April 2008 15h, public space, DE_Berlin
30. April 2008 18h, public space, CZ_Prague
Gaby Bila-Günther aka Lady Gaby (DE)
Spokenword/movement performance in Berlin Kreuzberg 36. The text and movement focuses on urban stories in site specific places of Berlin's Kreuzberg 36 area through the eyes of an expat. Kreuzberg 36 is where I live and work as an artist. The area inspires me daily. Its independence, arhitecture, its streets, its parks, its public artI. The performance will tackle many issues such as self expressions, public art, site specific impressions, political and social matters, urban issues, cultural jamming, multiculturalism through spokenword and movement. The performances will move around from place to place, a Half an hour intervals. Site specific performances live from various public spaces in Berlin's kreuzberg, in front of various sites where the grafitti POET is sprayed. from an unkown public artist. POET tags will feature as the background of my spokenword performances that will embrace many aspects of the Kreuzberg 36 area in Berlin. Prior to the performances I will like to collect some written thoughts and visuals depicting various artists' urban environment. These will be used to compose spokenword pieces that reflects everyones thoughts and realites. These pieces will be performed in Prague. I would like to get in touch with many of the participating artists in this festival. I invite these artists to write to me about their urban environment, about their places...

All thoughts and visuals should be sent to the blog of myspace site: by the 15th april, 2008

Gaby Bila-Günther aka lady gaby is a published writer whose reviews, poetry and nonfiction articles have appeared in Australia, Norway, Sweden, USA, Germany, and England. She curates the monthly performance and poetry show, FUEL in Berlin and writes for the column: lady gaby’s world. Besides performance shows, lady gaby promotes rock and roll groups at some of Berlin’s wicked and eclectic clubs: King Kong Klub, Bassy Cowboy Club, Schokoladen, Ausland, Zentrale Randlage., Wendel clubcafe and Barbie Deinhoffs.
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