Intercity Teleport
  Transformers Multiplace Night

26. April – 03. May 2008, A22 Galéria, HU_Budapest
26. April – 03. May 2008, SzimplaKert, HU_Budapest
26. April – 03. May 2008, Szimpla [Budapest Cafe], DE_Berlin
26. April – 03. May 2008, Glasgow School of Art, UK_Glasgow
28. April – 03. May 2008, A4 - Zero Space, SK_Bratislava
Intercity Teleport Creatures Call, Intercity Teleport Installations Call
PsyShip Visio
Multiplace telematic installation. Collaborating media artists and cultural producers are invited to design digital creatures with a set of behaviour patterns. Co-organisers are sought to set up installations with screen and interface in multiple localities or events. The telematic space is then populated by the creations. Participants can teleport creatures between geographical locations which interact based on their individual algorythms. Result is a reactive system of zoospheres composed of immigrant individualities.


, Szimpla (Budapest Cafe), DE_Berlin
02. May 2008 18 - 22h, TűzIX, HU_Budapest
Green Spider
installation, streaming
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Telematic presence play ||

"Too much info and not enough bandwiths."

"Not only football in TV."

"YouTube is only the TV of the zeroes."

Broadcasting new media events from Slovakia,
presenting a net based installation, and
playing with remote control cars and
wireless camera.

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See you there. :)

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