[80c] looking for visual version control/diff examples

Aymeric Mansoux am-80c at kuri.mu
Thu Mar 1 09:42:21 CET 2012

alex said :
> On 29 February 2012 15:49, Andy Farnell <padawan12 at obiwannabe.co.uk> wrote:
> > That's quite interesting. I'm writing a lot again (course notes) and wondering
> > if some version management might help me with that.
> > Got any pointers on git with latex.
> There's no real problem using any revision control system with latex.
> The only small thing is that  code tends to be line based, whereas
> prose is paragraph based, and revision control diffs tend to be based
> on the former.  In practice this doesn't matter too much, as when
> editing prose you don't need to look at diffs like you do when fixing
> bugs in code.
> You can also put 'binary' stuff like images in, you just don't get
> textual diffs (unless it's svg).
> I prefer to use darcs for my private stuff, the workflow makes more
> sense to me than git.  Github is a good reason to use git otherwise
> though.

I do use git a lot for all sort of non code related things, such as
writing papers (with org-mode). I used darcs, then mercurial, in
the past for personal stuff and I am happy with git so far. Although to
be honest I suspect my switch to git is purely a bandwagon effect.
My "most advanced" usage such as
http://pluto.kuri.mu/2010/08/14/development-master-plan/ or using git as
an automated distribution system using hooks, could be all done with
another DVCS.

In the end keychain + ssh keys + servers
+ git + bit of /bin/sh make it very easy to have a reliable and simple
enough backup/tracking/sharing of your work.

The problem really comes when multiple authors get involved, and
although the underlying wheels need not be reinvented, their
interfacing for non-code practice need rethinking to go beyond the mere
backup/tracking/sharing of files.

For example: http://beta.brainch.stdin.fr


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