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Hi all,

Responding to the OP since the discussion has gone away from Alex's
question about promoting events. Just ran a really big (and fantastic
:) event, and standard networks (twitter and facebook, plus mailing
list communities) have been 100% vital in getting people aware and
getting people in. It's the standard "network effects" problem.

However good or bad diaspora might be (I have an account, um,
somewhere), its technical or moral differences from facebook are
irrelevant as long as it isn't the dominant network for some
particular purpose or stratum of society. I'm really really keen on
reaching out to wider pools of people, both in terms of the technical
things that people like me do, and also in terms of the social
concerns that need to be considered around technologies. Unfortunately
there's a bootstrap problem - we can't get our random half-interested
friends off facebook and onto something else, because network effects
mean they quite reasonably realise there's not much there for them.

(Personally, for network-effect-dominant things that I resent, like
facebook, I take the approach of staying connected but try to make it
obvious my effort is somewhere else - e.g. I mostly post on twitter
and my personal blog, and filter some of them through to facebook.)

Alex talks about event-promotion and "it should be quite easy to bring
this function outside of facebook". Unfortunately, no, because the
"function" includes the massively-connected network of friends. There
are plenty of services that already offer exactly this service
(last.fm, songkick, ...) and are not unpleasant. But they don't have
the associated network of half-interested people.


2012/4/16 alex <alex at slab.org>:
> Hi all,
> I've been thinking of deleting my facebook a/c, but one of the reasons
> not to is that it's an easy way of promoting events etc (although it
> seems to be getting more difficult).
> However I think it should be quite easy to bring this function outside
> of facebook.  It just needs some resource which all the digital
> arts/music organisers/promoters submit their events through, through
> some mechanism.  Could eightycolumn be a good place for that?
> Once running it would just take a few organisations to advertise that
> they are going to use this different resource, and maybe abandon
> facebook etc, to get lots of people using it.  I don't think it'd need
> a lot of features beyond making location and date machine readable and
> browseable..  With icalendar and rss enabled.
> cheers,
> alex
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