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Becky Stewart (http://theleadingzero.com/) also agreed with Shelly on
fb, saying she was frustrated with the lack of impact of women-only
events, and the focus on her gender she felt at other (otherwise
men-only) events.  She did point to this success story though, where a
python community created a 'pipeline' from gender-specific events to
the wider community:


On 11 April 2012 10:15, Aymeric Mansoux <am-80c at kuri.mu> wrote:
> alex said :
>> Shelly Knotts (http://shellyknotts.wordpress.com/) gave me permission
>> to repost the following from facebook to here:
>> Interesting theory... but im not sure i agree. I think its more likely
>> a problem with deep rooted gender stereotyping not yet having been
>> addressed in this area.
>> Your final paragraph appears to characterise excluded groups (women
>> being one of them) as being low in confidence and therefore not being
>> able to apply themselves to the difficult task of learning how to
>> programme. But I dont think it the case that women are inherently low
>> in confidence for technical tasks. They are however culturally
>> conditioned to have low confidence in this area.
>> [...]
> I had a chat with Marloes (http://pi.kuri.mu), who unfortunately cannot
> join the discussion at the moment, and Shelly's comments are very close
> to what she told me. As a someone participating for a while in free
> software and art communities, she is also not so convinced that gender
> specific events/funding/etc actually help.
> On similar line of thought I do believe that negative, polarizing,
> stories on this issue are given too much attention, and that much of
> this energy spent could be invested at a lower level, namely on getting
> rid of gender stereotypes that are at the root of these problems.
> a.
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