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Thu Apr 5 03:38:54 CEST 2012

Oh yeah, here's a quick link for Fedora's live-cd how-to


I also noticed at the bottom there's an archive of a Fedora "classroom"
where someone hosted a class in IRC to teach the same thing.

Wondering if anyone would be interested in starting some kind of classes
via IRC here?  I know some of you are already out there teaching, but I'm
still pretty remote where I am, and would love to learn and share in that
kind of setting.  Probably a subject for a different thread.

On Wed, Apr 4, 2012 at 8:33 PM, grant centauri <gcentauri at gmail.com> wrote:

> Yes, I thought that was certainly a nice introductory manual.  I've
> considered writing to the author and seeing if he wants to join the list!
> Here's an update on my Fedora expedition:
> The RT kernel seems to work, but I must need to do some Jack configuring
> and perhaps turning of memory limits?  I was trying to run an Ardour loop
> that had 4 tracks, and I was getting quite a few pops and xruns.
> Unfortunately, Pure:dyne made it so i never had to deal with that stuff, so
> I'm not sure what to do to reduce it!  But I'm guessing with a little bit
> of configuration I could have a decent RT system running here.
> I also looked into Fedora "Spins", which are live environments dedicated
> to a specific purpose.  There's actually an official Fedora branch
> dedicated to approving official spins... though, that is kind of the
> opposite way of what we had been discussing before.  But, there are tools
> for remixing and reconfiguring a live Fedora system, and all the desktop
> and system type stuff is already taken care of.
> As far as booting on Macs, I've yet to have an issue booting from CD/DVD,
> but still no luck with USB.  Its all because of the Apple's weird EFI
> thing, and I'm not sure how Fedora deals with it.  I tried an install on a
> MacBook with rEFIt, and the grub install did not work.  So, it is still a
> problem.
> I was thinking that, at the very least, we (I) might write something up
> for people interested in doing a full install.  The standard Fedora system
> plus adding the CCRMA core packages, and a package list of audio software
> should be enough to get someone a familiar desktop plus an RT kernel to
> work with.  Though, the default dekstop is GNOME (bleh).  XFCE all the way.
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