Ursula Endlicher (AT/US)
HTML Code Choreography
Ursula Endlicher's work resides on the intersection of Internet, performance and multi-media installation, bridging the Web and physical reality. Online since 1994, her focus lies in analyzing the social, political and structural components of the WWW. Special interest goes into revealing the hidden architectures and languages of the Web, such as "html" (hypertext mark-up language), which is translated in her work into different media, visualization formats, and into choreography. She has received online commissions from New Radio and Performing Arts (Turbulence.org), and from the Whitney Museum's Artport. Her work is included in Rhizome's Artbase, and featured on Furtherfield.org. Endlicher has shown her work most recently at BM-Suma Contemporary Art Center in Istanbul, Turkey, at Quartier21/Museumsquartier, Vienna, Austria, and at Upgrade! Berlin in Germany. Upcoming is a Theater/Internet Project at Theater am Neumarkt in Zürich, Switzerland. Together with Ela Kagel she runs a blog discussing net art and the questions of its curation online and in physical space. Ursula was born and raised in Vienna, and is living and working in New York since 1993.

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